About me

Terri Moore is an architect living and working in downtown Los Angeles. Together with her husband Marcus Friesl she runs moore+friesl, an award winning design and fabrication consultancy. As part of their explorations into digital fabrication, Terri began designing jewelry to explore the possibilities of the new technology. She launched her line of silver jewelry, Folde, in 2018.

Terri was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and moved with her family to the Los Angeles area while in high school. Marcus moved to Los Angeles from Toronto to pursue his Master of Architecture.

Terri and Marcus are both SCI_Arc alumni and live and work in downtown Los Angeles. Together they have a combined 20 years experience working at prestigious architecture firms. They launched moore+friesl in 2011 and have been featured in various publications, including Surface & Panel, Interior Design and Contract Magazine.

Terri is currently serving on the board of the Association of Women in Architecture + Design (AWA+D).